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APS60 Manifold Mount Pressure Sensor

The APS60 is a high performance, low cost, micro-machined silicon pressure sensor manufactured in the United States.  The temperature sensor output pin provides a 3V signal at 25°C with a +10mV/°C rate of change.  The APS60 series utilizes MEMS piezo-resistive sensors pressurized on the passive backside of the silicon.  The sensor element is mounted on a stainless steel pedestal which eliminates package level stress.  The package is designed to be mounted on a manifold with an O-ring seal.

  • -40 – 125°C Operating Temperature

  • Manifold mount, O-ring sealed

  • Media- Liquid/Gas

  • 1.5% Total Error Band

  • Temperature output pin

  • 15-150 psi pressure ranges

  • Absolute or Gage

  • 1 – 4V output

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