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Downhole Monitoring System

The APS400 is a 10,000 PSIA transducer designed for 150°C operating temperatures.  The APS400 is calibrated over the full operating temperature range and has a full scale pressure error of 0.2% and a resolution of  0.3 PSIA.  The temperature error is 0.25°C with a resolution of .01°C.

The APS400 is ideal for slim applications as the OD is 0.75″ and the overall length is 12″.  The pressure port can be modified for NPT, or an industry standard compression.  The electronics end is designed for a Kemlon boot that will secure to a 1/4″ compression fitting on a single conductor TEC cable.

Contact the factory for additional information.

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The ASR100 is the surface readout unit for the APS400.  The 6 digit alphanumeric display alternates pressure and temperature readings.  The unit operates on 120 V 50/60 Hz and is certified to CAN/CSA C22.2 and UL 61010-1.

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