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Our board level solutions offer temperature
compensated and fully amplified digital
and analog outputs.
NTC solutions for consumer, industrial, medical,
and life science applications.
Temperature Sensor
US bases design and manufacturing of sensor
solutions is the AZSensco way of doing business.
About Us
AZSensco has set the bar for high temperature,
miniature size, and high accuracy pressure
transducer solutions.
Pressure Transducer
Designing pressure and temperature solutions to
meet your most challenging applications.
High temperature, miniature, and accuracy.
Pressure and
Temperature Products
Tackling applications when all the other sensor
companies pass.

APS70 Miniature High Temperature

AZSensCo’s unique temperature compensation enables superior performance at wide operating temperatures. This silicon pressure transducer was designed for demanding industrial and commercial applications. The stainless steel port design allows for pressure measurement of liquid or gas media.

The APT70 series utilizes piezo-resistive pressure sensor elements packaged in a stainless steel housing which has superior long term stability and accuracy (.15% Linearity).

The design is simple and proves valuable for OEM customers. Please contact us for Custom design availability.

  • -40 – 125°C Operating Temperature

  • Compact Size- 9.5mm Hex

  • +-.15% Linearity FS

  • 100mV Output

  • 10- 100 psi pressure ranges

  • Absolute or Gage

  • Media – Liquid, Air, & Gas

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